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Rotor Wing
Fixed Wing

If you're interested in acquiring the simulator hardware appearing here, e-mail Grime.

Rotor Wing Hardware

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Second generation Rotor Wing controls

Although they are designed so they can be used individually, the complete package will give you a tremendous advantage.  These same units are being used extensively by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, ROTC, Reserves and many other governments as well.  You will also find that this same equipment works equally well with fixed wing simulation software.

Fixed Wing Hardware

Click here to see the individual components.

Commercial flight school quality at home user prices

These aviation training devices offer the highest level of realism available for the personal computer user.  Each unit is constructed of steel and aluminum parts.  These ruggedly crafted yet handsome controls are ideal for individual use as well as for flight schools, colleges, flying clubs and corporate flight departments.

Built for REAL pilots by REAL pilots, these controls are known for adaptability of use with popular flight simulator software and for future upgradeability

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