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Rotor Wing

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Rotor Wing
Fixed Wing

If you're interested in acquiring the simulator hardware appearing here, e-mail Grime.

Rotor Wing Hardware

Second generation Rotor Wing controls

Although they are designed so they can be used individually, the complete package will give you a tremendous advantage.  These same units are being used extensively by the US Army, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, ROTC, Reserves and many other governments as well.  You will also find that this same equipment works equally well with fixed wing simulation software.

G-Stick II

A commercially and military proven stick now available to the individual user
bulletHigh Quality Aluminum Military Grip 
bulletExact reproduction of Hughes 500 stick 
bulletRugged and smooth Gimbals 
bulletHigh quality potentiometers (rated 1 million plus rotations)
bulletRack and pinion driven for rapid, linear response to stick inputs. 
bulletHeavy steel base w/ holes for mounting Anti-Torque or RCM Pedals


A collective control for the rotor-wing pilot.  Designed for helicopter software like Microsoft Flight Simulator '98/2000 and X-plane
bulletVelvet smooth twist grip handle controls RPM's (X-Plane only) 
bulletFriction Control Knob 
bulletStainless steel lever controls lift 
bulletCollective lever will become a throttle control with most fixed wing simulator software 
bulletHeavy gauge metal enclosure with quality industrial finish 

Anti-Torque Pedals

Complete your Flight Link system with our commercially proven hydraulic pedals.
bulletTwin heavy duty hydraulic cylinders assure smooth and realistic in-line travel 
bulletLow center of gravity for stability 
bulletHeavy gauge metal enclosure with quality industrial finish 

Seat with Base shown with optional Collective

Complete your rotorwing package with this attractive setup.
bulletHeavy duty composite seat with quality padded cover. 
bulletSturdy steel seat base with mounts so that the Collective can be quickly and securely attached. 

 For more information on acquiring this stuff, contact Grime.

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